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From Georgian design to robot art

Summer stands still for some, but not for us. We’re as busy as ever with the go-ahead for a new project in Parsons Green and a visit to London Design Biennale. 

Planning permission accepted in Parsons Green conservation area We are delighted to announce we received planning permission for the redevelopment of a plot in the Studdridge Street conservation area of Parsons Green. It comprises an 18th-century townhouse at the front and a 20th-century mews at the rear. 

New King’s Road, Parsons Green ©JL/Flickr

We’ve worked closely with the interior design team at Turner Pocock to make the most of this exclusive London space. A third storey will be added onto the mews at the back, alongside unique lighting solutions such as striking crittal windows onto the central garden and vertical louvres to control the natural sunlight and add privacy. There’s also an impressive car turntable on the ground floor to allow for flexible parking.  For the townhouse, the plans are to update the existing renovations and build a first-floor extension. Original Georgian features will be reinstated including fireplaces, chimneys, an intricate traditional tiled walkway at the entrance, and cornices in the rooms. These will sit alongside sensitive contemporary updates, such as underfloor heating, to bring new life to this family home. 

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If you missed out: 

Our highlights from London Design Biennale Over 40 exhibitors from around the world showcased world-leading design under the theme of international cooperation at Somerset House. Here are some of our highlights: The Bidi Bidi Music & Arts Centre. This cultural centre is being built in a Ugandan refugee settlement by both locals and refugees. We were fascinated by the eco-friendly building solutions have been adapted to suit the climate and community. Bricks are made from soil extracted from the site and dried in the sun, while the impressive roof structure collects rain that is then filtered to provide clean drinking water.

The Bidi Bidi Pavilion, London Design Biennale

Ai-Da the robot artist. The humanoid robot artist, Ai-Da, can not only talk and answer complex questions, but is also the first robot to design a homeware collection. Creations by the robot have been printed with a 3D printer, but when you look closely, many of them are imperfect. Is this AI having its own subjective experiences and output like other human artists? It certainly provoked some questions in the office!

Spotlight on: Vickers Studio

At DOLL & Co., we actively encourage collaboration and have had the pleasure of working with many esteemed interior design practices. One of which is Vickers Studio, which was founded by John Vickers and specialises in luxury yacht design. 

Interior design by Vickers Studio for 36m yacht Calypso and 56m yacht Blue II

We collaborated on a comprehensive design for a 20,000 sq ft new build family home set within a lavish gated community. The client wanted a London-based team who understood the nuances of grand classical architecture and we used our combined knowledge to adhere to rules of scale, proportion and architectural embellishment. The extensive property was designed with meticulous detail and included a five-a-side football pitch, a grand atrium, a guest wing, swimming pool and spa.

Project Firefly: DOLL & Co. and Vickers Studio

“To design something is one thing, but to deliver highly personalised customisation for someone, as a human being, has got to be the highest form of luxury” John Vickers

The personal, creative style of Vickers Studio meant that everything started with sketches. “Everything has to start with a pen,” says John. “I’m currently sketching details of a mast for a Middle Eastern client, with details inspired by their national art of falconry. New technologies are vital, but nothing beats the proportions that come from the connection between your hand and eye.”

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Ian Dollamore, Director at Doll & Co
Ian Dollamore, Director at Doll & Co
Ian Dollamore

DOLL & Co.

Ian is a leading architect and designer with extensive experience across the luxury real estate sector.


February 6, 2022

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